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backpacks for smilesGiven the bad economic situation in Romania low-income families have large problems when it comes to ensuring funds for the many basic needs of the family. Children are perhaps the most vulnerable members of the family. It is hard to explain to a child why mom and dad cannot send you to school and provide for his basic needs of clothes, food and school supplies.

To ensure that the children from underprivileged families and children of orphans have a fair start, we would like to help them provide school supplies, so they can fully access educational opportunities.

dental program“You Don't Know What You Have Until It's Gone” - this expression is used many times during life and today, we want to use it as we talk about one of our programs – our dental program. When you get to the point where you can’t eat because of a lack of teeth, or you’re embarrassed to smile, or you suffer days on end as you don’t have enough money even for a extraction, only then you’ll understand how much you appreciate healthy teeth.

Several of our beneficiaries are in great need of help with their teeth. Living in the state orphanage of Romania, under the conditions of limited financial subsidy, many youngsters dental care needs were neglected and with the years and the lack of on-time intervention, became severe. Not having permanent jobs, working seasonally or earning too little many are facing the impossibility to pay their own dental care expenses. Our dental assistance has enabled beneficiaries of the dental program not only to have a new look but also a much better self-esteem and health in general.

Join us in developing our dental program and helping bring back a smile to the faces of so many. Donate today!

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hopeOptimism. Expectation. Belief. Anticipation. Faith. Confidence.

These words are all synonyms of Hope and that is what we as Good Samaritan want to bring about in this world. We want those who we support to have confidence to go out on the street with their heads high. We want them to have a belief in themselves that they can achieve their full potential.  We want them to have an optimism that things will get better and that the future is brighter.

We ask you to be a part of sharing this hope and helping us to give a handup to those in need. Here are just a few examples of those in need of that handup today.

A is one of our beneficiaries who grew up in the state orphanage here in Beius. As many people know from the news when comunism fell in Romania, dental care has always been an issue for many in Romania. A is just one of several beneficiaries who we would like to help with their teeth. A nowadays has only a couple of teeth left after the rest had to be extracted. As you can easily realise, self-confidence is low as they rarely smile so that they can hide the fact they have no teeth or very few. The worst thing is that eating is not easy. Help us as we support A and others like them to have the dental treatment needed and provide dentures.

B is another beneficiary who also grew up in one of the state orphanages here in Romania and after leaving the orphanage at 18 years old, spent time sleeping on the streets. This took a toll on their health and they are now in constant need of medication and long term support. Their illness pension (disability allowance) doesn’t cover anywhere near the costs of their medical needs. Join us in helping B and others have a new belief in themselves, that their medical conditions can be kept under control and they no longer need to worry about whether they can afford to buy their medication or put food on the table.

Medical program

Being ill in Romania today is a worrying situation if you do not have the financial means and contacts to get access to treatment. Treatments often require long waiting times and additional payments and/or “under the table” payments.

Good Samaritan's health fund supports our clients in:

  • Liaising between them and the provider of medical services
  • Paying for periodical tests/consultations for the chronically sick, surgeries when needed, as well as post-operational treatment and physiotherapy
  • Purchasing of medicines

A medical sponsorship depends on the seriousness of the disease, the treatment needed and the medication prescribed. It varies between $100 quarterly up to $600 as a single payment for special treatments/medical tests or surgeries.

doctor and irinairina-in-bed

Donate to our medical program here: 

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georgiana“I believed that nobody is interested in my fate or wants to help me. I believed for quite a while that people are only interested in themselves and will do anything to get what they want, without taking in consideration what happens around them. However, this scholarship has offered me not only the financial help I needed, but also the chance to meet different people who showed me empathy, cared about me, encouraged and motivated me, changed my view of the world around me.” – says Georgiana, a senior high-school student who received a social and merit based scholarship, whose parents are divorced and is raised by her grandmother.

nistor“God expressed His love and mercy towards me by the trust I have been shown by the team of Good Samaritan, a trust I didn’t deserve due to my past. I have understood clearly the definition of love by the way I have been treated with an unconditional love. I found a family. It’s something that I had never experienced before, something that I find to be quite phenomenal!” – emotionally shares Nistor, an orphan with a tumultuous past who has been helped to integrate socially and professionally.

Giving a chance. Teaching the skills. Building a better future.

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