Social Scholarships

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burse apoc 2018Initiated by Remus Sime in 2012 and continued through a partnership with Good Samaritan, the ‘social scholarship’ program supports students from National College ‘Samuil Vulcan’ Beius. Social ‘Running for a cause’ scholarships have a value of 1200 lei each and help the beneficiary students with the costs of transport, text books, clothing, food etc.

Beneficiary students come from families where the parents are unemployed or have low income from their small holdings. Others have sick family members, very small illness pensions, or they are from single parent families (divorced or deceased parents). Often students are from rural areas where there are a limited number of work places, living conditions are lower (no inside toilet, etc.) and they have higher costs and difficulties with transport to school. Often the low income of their parents, limits the students in their ability to prepare to go to university, in developing their full potential and even means that they may risk abandoning school. However in spite of their difficulties, these students have been able to achieve very good school grades and to participate in various competitions.


Awarded scholarships cost 1,350 lei each (1,200 lei is received by the pupil and 150 lei covers the cost of administration, promotion and related program costs). A donor can cover the cost of one or more scholarships or even just a fraction of one.

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