Medical Program

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andreea and adrian ciorna in hospital

Good Samaritan has created a health fund for its clients. Our clients are representing the low-income families (families of orphans and underprivileged families at risk of child abandonment).

The state paid medical services (covered by the medical insurance) are mainly offered in old, state-run hospitals, where the equipment is insufficient or morally old. In most of the cases in order to put a sure diagnosis or do complicated surgeries/treatments. More complicated medical consultations are usually requiring modern equipment which can be found in private medical practices, where prices are prohibitive for the major part of the population. Certain medicines are partially or fully compensated for children and chronically sick, pensioners that have medical insurance paid. The categories of people Good Samaritan wants to help are usually with minimum salary that can barely provide for their basic needs let alone to cover expensive medical tests, consultations, medicines, surgeries or rehabilitation. In some fewer cases the beneficiaries have no income.

Being ill in Romania today is a worrying situation if you do not have the financial means and contacts to get access to treatment. Treatments often require long waiting times and additional payments and/or “under the table” payments.

Good Samaritan's health fund supports our clients in:

  • Liaising between them and the provider of medical services
  • Paying for periodical tests/consultations for the chronically sick, surgeries when needed, as well as post-operational treatment and physiotherapy
  • Purchasing of medicines

So far through the medical program have been helped more than 60 orphans and young people from low- income families with different medical problems. They also were enrolled in the program for full medical checks and treatment of chronic diseases.

Some extra services will be offered to the families of handicapped children – financial support for psychological help, wheelchairs, medicines, etc.

A medical sponsorship depends on the seriousness of the disease, the treatment needed and the medication prescribed. It varies between $100 quarterly up to $600 as a single payment for special treatments/medical tests or surgeries.

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