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nistor tatar and peter costea relay handoverBeiuș, 20 mai 2019 – For Beiusians from Good Samaritan, it’s not only scholarships, medical or housing programs for young people from orphanages that represent a desirable impact in the community but also the transfer of expertise. On Saturday 18th May 2019, Good Samaritan participated for the third time as a partner in the annual relay “Companies for the Community” held in Radauti by the association Door to Home. “We went with our team with our general accumulated experience and specifically from the relay “Running for a cause”. The desire is to provide the know-how and to inspire other organizations and volunteers to do good in their communities.” Said Nikolina Ciorna, Vice-President of Good Samaritan.

The Bucovinian partners quickly learned the work method, each year involving volunteers from companies in the region, from the RuNNuuti club and local high school students, as well as raising funds from donations. This year they attracted two ‘novel’ volunteer runners: Nistor Tatar from Radauti and Peter Costea from Houston, Texas, USA. Living and working 10,000 km away, the first being the mayor of Radauti and the second, a lawyer established in the American metropolis. The two had never seen each other until Saturday, May 18, when both of them discovered a few things in common: a passion for running, plenty of grey hair and engaging in charitable action!

social mediaOver recent weeks, we’ve taken that step to be more visible out there in the online world and get the message out there about Good Samaritan Beius.

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In its 7th edition, the relay "Run for a Cause" has become a tradition and this year has generated the resources for 16 merit based and social scholarships with each having a value of 1200 lei.

poza grup burseAs such, on Thursday 14th February, 16 students from the ‘Samuil Vulcan’ National College in Beius, received the first two instalments worth 800 lei and in April they will receive the last instalment of 400 lei. These hardworking students all have average marks of at least 9/10 during the previous school year and their families have modest incomes.

“First of all, this scholarship encourages me to learn even more. It helps with the costs of books and transport. Thank you to all the donors and volunteers runners, and although at first sight it may not seem to be of great help, be sure that these scholarships help us a great deal, as no one else encourages us.” said Ioana Budău, one of the scholarship students in the 11th grade. Together with Ioana, a further 15 students received scholarships: Maria Culda, Mircea Hartmann, Andreea Culda, Johanna Boros, Darius Bîte, Paula Flonta, Georgiana Tuleu, Florina Jude, Daniel Pojoca, Ioana Galea, Daiana Jurca, Alexandru Ile, George Mihoc, Emanuela Sferle and Adriana Isoc

During the relay, Remus Sime, the founder of the project, noted with satisfaction that the number of volunteers from Beiuş had grown significantly. He ran some of the stages of this 7th Edition relay from Timișoara la Beiuș.  A special runner was Mihaela Ilieş, the director of the school, a sign of the institutional value of the scholarship program.

Christmas charity show, prepared by Prof. Gabriela Vescan, at the National College "Samuil Vulcan" for the benefit of children less fortunate. The show called "The joy of giving", took place on the 19th December. To gie donations please contact Good Samaritan, Prof. Gabriela Vescan or the children from the choir or dance club for details. Congratulations to all those who participated!



Among the children in institutions, foster care and the ones coming from low-income families there are some with exquisite talents. We are seeking to support these special children who happened to live in not such happy conditions and help them achieve their potential in life.

emanuel wagnerOne of the supported by us young people is Emanuel. He had numerous rewards and achievements even while at high school and entered the Arts University with the highest exam results. We have helped him obtain university degree paying for his university entry exams costs (painting materials as well as covering some life costs like food, clothes, etc.); for his annual fees, rent, food, etc. He is now trying to make a living out of his talent in arts. You can support him further by donating or buying some of his art contacting us at

Regularly we meet teenagers who need not only financial support but also guidance in choosing the right university and developing their potential. These young people many times have sick parents who are not able to work and sustain them while their children are transitioning from school to university and then into life. For details on sponsorships please contact us via email.

Giving a chance. Teaching the skills. Building a better future.