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andreea end of school yearAndreea Toma is a blond sweet child full of life and hope. Unfortunately at the age of 3 she was diagnosed with lymphoblast acute leukemia. She had also suffered a brain tumor surgery and later had undergone chemotherapy. Her parents went through a real tragedy finding out the child was sick. Both had low income while the treatment was urgent and costly (1600 euro/month). The mother who grew up in an orphanage and the father, a factory worker, gathered all the courage they had and started fighting for the life of their little angel soliciting the support of the Beius community. Good Samaritan came along to offer support in the fundraising process and with the help of many local volunteers had succeeded to fundraise all the funds needed for the 2 years treatment as well as to cover some of the daily family needs.

radauti2017 found us fully immersed in building 15 homes in partnership with needy families in Radauti, Northern Romania, and, year 2018, contributing to some finishing as well with the local partner charity, HPU Radauti. Only year 2009 was close in size as of involvement with poverty housing, in the Beius project dedicated to orphans, counting 10 units. A large effort with a great cooperation with the local community joining in to help!

On and off, we did housing projects over the 25 years of existence, starting with offering shelter for weeks or years to homeless orphans on our premises, continuing with offering financial support for rent and ending with the most comprehensive intervention, new home construction. Going all the way to Radauti and partnering to help families in need inspired us to do more on poverty housing. A home is the dream of us all and of poor, low income, disenfranchised families all the more. Donors and volunteers can come and join in 2019 at different venues. One just needs to contact us.

But the most important housing initiative for the coming years is the Centennial Initiative, launched in Alba Iulia on December 2nd, at the celebration week-end of 100 years since Greater Romania was formed, following World War I. This initiative includes the building of 100 homes in partnership with the needy families and local communities across all historic regions of Romania and in the global diaspora, where Romanians live, beyond its borders. It is a means to both help those in need and exercise unity in helping one another.

teodora and adelinaWe continue housing projects beyond the 26 houses and apartments done in the past 20 years for orphans. We have provided shelter for 3 people who needed a small and affordable place to stay.: Nistor who has moved with our support on his own in a neat house that he rents from a former beneficiary of ours who got married abroad, Nicu—who was offered a studio owned by Good Samaritan and Iachim whose newly received social housing got equipped and furnished with Good Samaritan’s help. But the most moving case from all was Teodora, a young woman who lost both her parents before turning 18. After the parents’ death she and her brother inherited a small apartment which they have divided into two. Meantime she got married but unfortunately the marriage didn’t last too much resulting from it a daughter. Being terrorized physically and emotionally by her aggressive husband she was forced to leave his home.

Dear friends,adrian nikki

2017 and 2018 have almost passed without a lot of news shared your way but a lot of projects and impact on people in need as our team, including my wife and myself, have been mostly doing field work. As I write to you it is a sunny, inspirational, stunningly beautiful but freezing mid day of December 6th, 2018 and I reflect at God’s grace of the past and aspirations for the future. 2018 is the year we celebrate 25 years of service. Wow! And, time flied by, we are still here, thank God: what will happen in the next 25?

And how have they gone these past 24 months? With a huge effort to build with 15 families in need 15 houses in Radauti, as a partner of the local charity implementing it, doing small medical projects to benefit people with cancer, assisting adults that have been raised in a state orphanage but now they have housing, medical or employment issues or managing a growing scholarship program in various high schools helping kids in need or recognizing those with great merits.

As we close the year (or 2 years) of ministry and as you conclude your year end giving or prayerfully plan next year’s charitable allocations, I come to you to kindly ask for support. It stays in my mind, from Radauti, Nicoleta Niculescu, mother of 3, who, with her husband, had to move in a house we built before the city brought in utilities. With tears in her eyes, Nicoleta said the family has been kicked out of the house they were renting for 17 years, a house that anyway was falling apart and had no bathroom. Then comes to mind Mihaela Neghina, whose cancer treatment benefits of our support, with similar tears while saying “I want to live!” knowing she has a 7 years old son or Angela Molnar, adult now in her early forties but raised in the state orphanage, that has her own little studio apartment through our ministry but meanders through life’s ups and downs with medical issues, income instability or spiritual confusion.

Giving a chance. Teaching the skills. Building a better future.