Merit Based & Social Scholarships

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ScholarshipsStarted in 2010 by the 1985 alumni of “Samuil Vulcan” High School in Beiuş, bright kids from low-income and regular families receive awards to encourage meritocracy and to help bridge gap costs on the way into various universities. These awards are acknowledging merit in specific fundamental sciences, languages, IT, etc.

Since June 2013, in partnership with Mr. Remus Sime, IT engineer in Timişoara and a year 2000 alumnus of Samuil Vulcan, the “Alerg pentru o Cauză” scholarships are to be distributed to students of 10th through 12th grade who have modest material situation at home and have preceding year average results of over 9:00.

Romanian language readers have available via this link, the first newsletter of the graduates, dated October 2013.


$415 or €310 per scholarship. One can contribute multiple scholarships or fractions respectively.

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