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Broken and fallen lives need our support all year round as change and transformation come only step by step. We, at Good Samaritan, are committed to the mission of being a catalyst for this transformation, supporting the needy throughout the year and are glad to witness to you today a story of such transformation. It is truly happening, step by step, for Adela’s family and we would like to make you be part of it.

Adela and her husband Nicu have two children, Robert (13) and Dragoș (6), and they live a decent and simple life. The family has just one income because Adela couldn’t find a job with her education. She barely finished primary school and is able to write only with capital letters and does simple math. She couldn’t receive a better education due to her parents’ divorce which broke her family and set her up for a future battle with poverty. She couldn’t find a job with this low education and was struggling to make the two ends meet. Fortunately she met Nicu, her husband, who is a good and diligent man. He makes handmade wood stoves for a local small company for minimum wage. Though the family income is low, together they can somehow manage the hardship of life.  They could afford to buy a small, old house in a nearby village. The challenges have not been few, as their kids need supplies for school, their house needed capital renovation and Adela’s health changed. Nicu decided to go and work abroad and try to earn more to be able to cover the growing needs of the family and the cost of renovating their house. 

At that crucial moment, a moment of huge distress for them all, we got to know the family and offered our full support through our medical, educational and housing programs. The first step was to help Adela receive medical assistance and undergo urgent surgery which was successful and removed a serious risk to her life. The second step was to provide all the school supplies that the children needed in order to attend school and kindergarten and feel equal to the others children. As a third step, we then strongly advised that Nicu should return to Romania, so that they can share the responsibility of raising the kids and taking care of Adela’s father and grandfather. We considered that this step was very important for Adela, to reduce the pressure on her of taking care of the family alone. The fourth step was to provide some construction materials and advice to the family so that they can improve their housing conditions. At that point in time, the family was living in only one bedroom, all four of them plus Adela’s father and the grandfather. Last summer a key fifth step in their life transformation was to build a kitchen and a bathroom in order to extend the house and thus create 2 bedrooms where the children could have the needed conditions while the couple could also have their own space. The grandfather was accommodated in a small attached annex while the father went to live alone in a nearby village.

Looking back now to 3 years ago, the family had made great progress towards the desired life-transformation. All this was achieved step by step! Definitely success in life consists of making daily steps through faith, perseverance and patience while being encouraged and sustained when the burden becomes too big to bare alone.

Adela’s story is just one of many that we have been part of and still are … There are others like her and we would like to be part of the transformation process for them too. Your financial support can perform miracles when combined with the beneficiaries’ efforts and the Good Samaritan support. With Adela we are planning to make our next steps in regard to her own education.  We are willing to help her take writing lessons so she can increase her self-esteem, be able to do paper work when interacting with institutions and increase her ability to supervise her children while doing their homework and preparing for school for the next day. We will also be seeking for opportunities for her children to attend an after school program, so that they can have a better education and thus break the poverty cycle, as well as help Acela earn income from agriculture activities she is good at.

Your continuing support for Good Samaritan would provide the means to make these next steps toward transformation possible. Would you be our partner in Adela’s family TRANSFORMATION?

Here's how you can contribute to Adela’s case as well as to others like hers:

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