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teodora and adelinaWe continue housing projects beyond the 26 houses and apartments done in the past 20 years for orphans. We have provided shelter for 3 people who needed a small and affordable place to stay.: Nistor who has moved with our support on his own in a neat house that he rents from a former beneficiary of ours who got married abroad, Nicu—who was offered a studio owned by Good Samaritan and Iachim whose newly received social housing got equipped and furnished with Good Samaritan’s help. But the most moving case from all was Teodora, a young woman who lost both her parents before turning 18. After the parents’ death she and her brother inherited a small apartment which they have divided into two. Meantime she got married but unfortunately the marriage didn’t last too much resulting from it a daughter. Being terrorized physically and emotionally by her aggressive husband she was forced to leave his home.

The only place she could stay over the night was the small place she inherited by her parents but which remained with no electricity, a kitchen or a bathroom after the separation of the property into two. During the divorce process Teodora was striving to gain the custody of her 3 years old daughter Adelina but had no chance unless she had minimum income and good housing conditions to offer. She found a job but had no possibility to take to pay for the huge costs for a lawyer and for capital renovation of her studio. Thus Good Samaritan has included her in the housing program helping her to renovate the small studio meantime offering her for free a nice one room flat to stay at. An integral sponsorship has been received for this capital renovation offering the chance for mother and child to be together again. Teodora proved to the judge she has the conditions to raise a child and won the custody! The levy of execution though is quite hard to do and the court process on this issue is still on but the mother was able to move into her newly renovated studio and feel finally safe and at home! Please keep mother and child in your prayers to reunite as the judicial obstacles in this regard are so many!



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