Good Samaritan is a Christian organization that operates in Romania to assist disadvantaged young adults who grew up in orphanages and their families by:

  • Providing material help that allows them to live a safe life that meets their basic needs
  • Helping them capitalize on their abilities to move towards self-sufficiency

Good Samaritan is also working proactively in the community to break the cycle of child abandonment due to poverty. 


To create a world where no more orphans from state and private orphanages are homeless, hungry, or lack the skills and opportunities to be integrated into society; where children are not abandoned but have safe family environment and the opportunities to develop their full potential, as God intended for them to be. 


The people of Good Samaritan are committed to following these guiding principles and values as they work to achieve their mission and vision:

  • Demonstrate Christian love and compassion by following Christ's example in our daily actions
  • Respect the youth and trust in their ability to change for the better and to progressively take on all the fundamental responsibilities of life.
  • Act with professionalism, integrity and honesty, providing a model for the youth.
  • Maintain a spirit of teamwork in the whole organization.


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