Good Samaritan is a Romanian non-profit organization that provides disadvantaged orphans with a chance to learn a job and life skills and to hopefully obtain jobs and better futures; we help children at risk to remain with their families, instead of being abandoned due to poverty and lack of education. But we do not do this alone. We are simply the innkeepers, providing an opportunity for good samaritans from around the world to help an orphan in need.

It is only possible for Good Samaritan to achieve its goals with the support of people like you. People who believe in the vision of creating a world where no more orphans from state and private orphanages are homeless, hungry, or lack the skills and opportunities to be integrated into society; where children are not abandoned but have safe family environment and the opportunities to develop their full potential, as God intended for them to be.


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adrian ciorna

50 years, 50 scholarships, 50 homes.... celebrating through giving!

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