• Second hand car 
  • Motorbike 
  • Scooter 
  • Laptop
  • Desktop 
  • IT software and hardware: 2 laptop computers, 3 desktop computers 1 video projector, 1 roll-up screen, 5 Microsoft Office packages (3 to include Access), 4 Windows 7 or 8, 1 Corel Draw are needed. (please email us for specifications)
  • Digital camera
  • Carpet, furniture - tables, chairs, shelves, whiteboard, etc.
  • Windows and doors, insulation, partition walls, flooring, installations, bathroom fittings, etc.
  • Teaching materials for various ages—books, pencils, glue, color paper, crafts, toys, etc.     
  • TV, DVD for visual educational materials
  • Playground equipment - swings, slides, etc.
  • Fences - cement and metal poles; yard doors
  • School supplies: A package of school supplies for a child would usually contain the following items:
    • Backpack
    • Pencil case/box, color pencils, pencils (simple/gray) – at least 6 per child
    • Aquarelles, plastic cup for aquarelles
    • Brushes – different sizes
    • Hone, rubber, linear, press corrector
    • Pens – 2-3 pens, color paper, scissors, glue - 2
    • Plastic files, A4 white paper
    • Notebooks – 4 with lines as for writing and 4 with small squares as for mathematics
    • Towel (personal), toilet paper, wet wipes, soap
    • Training and sport shoes
  • Other needed items (for orphans in the housing and medical program) you may want to collect as in kind-donations are:
    • Any clothes/shoes for different ages and sex
    • Pajamas 
    • Kitchenware – spoons, forks, knives, plates, cups, etc.
    • Towels
    • Curtains, blankets
    • Toiletries - soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.
    • Napkins and lady napkins
    • Cleaning solutions – for washing dishes, windows, floor, etc.
    • Basic medicines- example: for cold (ibuprofen type or so), painkillers, etc.; bandages, cytoplast, ointment with antibiotics for cuts, burn/wounds (these are items that usually included in first aid kit)
  • Food bank for the emergency program
    • Basic packed food - sunflower oil, flour, rise, baby formula, meat/vegetables conserves, etc.


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