irina in hospitalIrina is a blond petite girl who is often smiling, although she’s not had the easiest life to date.

Born in Oradea, she was abandoned by her parents at birth. In 5th grade she was transferred to the orphanage in Beius. She went to trade school where she learnt to be a seamstress and then at 16 years old she got hired in a textile factory in Beius. However, she didn’t have a home and slept wherever she could.  Some nights she would sleep on park benches, other nights in bars, other nights on abandoned worksites and other nights in the hospital. Basically she would go to sleep for the night, wherever she could. It was really difficult as she also had to go to work. One day, she was accidentally injured on the sports ground by the river where she used to sleep. Her right hand was broken which later led to a hematoma.

Since she wasn’t eating much and was staying in the cold, her injury was healing with difficulty. After complications in the healing process, Irina’s hand had to be operated on twice in December 2003. Even though she was appreciated by her boss, her right hand was affected in such a way that she was no longer able to continue working as a seamstress.  

Living on the streets, her illness was aggravated and other health problems appeared: ulcer, peritonitis and osteoporosis. Being chronically ill, with no place to stay and no income was a scary situation for Irina. During this time, Good Samaritan found out about her medical problems and accepted her into the program and for several years in a row started looking after her medical problems, offering her shelter and securing a sponsorship for her everyday needs.

She underwent lots of tests and analyses at hospitals in Cluj and Oradea, including consultations with various specialists - orthopedists, neurologists, neuro-surgeons, MRI specialists, etc.  She was diagnosed with “right hand neuroalgo-dystrophy, paralysis of brachial plexus” (she doesn’t have complete feeling from the elbow down and the hand is deviated from its normal physiological position).  This resulted in Irina undergoing a further 2 operations to her hand in Oradea and Cluj. All of this led to her receiving a sickness pension, at last ensuring a small but stable income.

irina at homeIn 2009, Good Samaritan initiated a project as a major donor in partnership with Habitat pentru Umanitate. This resulted in Irina receiving a house which she could call “home” and which gave her the safety which she was in need of.  

However her health problems didn’t end here, with her developing complications with intestinal obstructions and a serious peritoneal disease meaning that large cysts are forming continuously.

In July and October 2012, Irina had a further 2 operations at the hospital in Oradea after she had intestinal obstructions. Since then her abdominal problems have persisted and she has been under the constant supervision of doctors Marius Sfarlea (surgeon at Pelican Hospital, Oradea) and Monica Halbac (surgeon at Beius Hospital).

Currently, Irina continues with investigations to find the source of the problem. After doctor recommendations, another larger operation is most likely needed to remove cysts which are putting Irina’s health at even greater risk. It is hoped that this operation will also find out the source of these cysts.

Since doctors cannot promise this would be the last operation, Irina will need financial support for the long term. Her income of just 580 lei (approx. $ 140 USD), doesn’t enable her to cover the costs of medical tests, ultrasounds, investigations, operations and medicine. This is why Good Samaritan is calling on all those who know Irina, or those who support the organization to contribute to the medical program from which Irina will benefit. The total cost of Irina’s treatment for a year is $ 5550 USD.

You can make a donation, quickly and easily using Paypal or by bank transfer into the association’s account in USD - RO29RNCB0034021802850003, BCR Beius.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you have any questions.


Born in February 1979, Ferencz Mândruț was raised in the Beiuș local state orphanage of 750 with the goods and many bads that are known now to the general public and to many of his friends in town, country and abroad. While in the institution, he was told he cannot be funded for attending the music school in Cluj Napoca and ended up in the local vocational school doing a waiting tables apprenticeship. He ended up on the streets of Beiuș mandrut si cristiin December 1996 (he was under age of 18 at the time) where he spent 2 years. In the winter he was sleeping in the cellar under the former public library or the hall of the same facility now owned by a local church, with cardboard as his bed and his winter coat as a pillow. During the summer he slept behind a wardrobe, on the open air corridor way (patio) of the same building. With certain humor he accounts his baths taken in the local river for personal hygiene. Good Samaritan helped him with jobs for several years between late 1998 and 2006.

Situation of Mândruț to date – Many know his overweight issue. In October 2015 dr. Puia of Cluj-Napoca saw Mândruț and recommended bariatric surgery (stomach reduction- sleeve surgery- ). The medical check-up advised for surgery otherwise he is under life threat with the constant weight gaining. Mândruț has other medical issues: heart, diabetes, tyroid gland and bone issues due to overweight. He is under treatment for weight loss and is scheduled on January 18th for surgery in Cluj with a couple of days in hospital.

The „Side by Side” Project – A number of Mandrut friends, besides himself asked for us to be involved in managing the medical project in order to help him cross the prep, the surgery and the aftermath. Currently we received his medical papers, had our medical specialist join him in Cluj-Napoca for a final verification with dr. Puia and had reached a decision to be side by side with him for the next 12 months. We will pay for the surgery supplies (doctor doesn’t charge a fee), medical specialist supporting services, transportation, accomodation in Cluj as needed. Our approach is to secure support in the transition after the January 18th surgery including 4 medical check-ups every 3 months, new summer and winter clothing, etc. 
Costs of „Side by Side” – Total cost of the is 4,605 euros for the 1 year duration of the project.

You are all invited to donate via this Galantom platform via card, online, offering a gift to help Mandrut instead of a birthday gift to one of the fundraisers offering their birthdays to Mandrut.

Alternatively companies and third parties can do sponsorships: they can be done in the IBAN RO77 RNCB 0034 0218 0285 0012 Romanian lei special bank account with BCR bank, Beiuș branch which should work for hard currencies as well. For more info contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Should the overseas banks you are working with not handle this account, go to our donations page for various currencies donations. Wire transfers are best due to how close is the date of surgery. Our bank SWIFT code for international transfers: RNCBROBU . In any form of donations please specify “MANDRUT Side by Side” 

With gratitude and thanks in advance, the Good Samaritan Beius team

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